The Deluxe Choice

Handcrafted scented candles using our soy blend.
Tested cotton wicks producing ZERO soot and smoke. Carefully selected premium fragrance oils curated for our wax type.

No Parabens

Parabens are synthetic chemicals that are used as preservative.

No Phthalates

Phthalates are group of chemicals that are mainly used in plastics.

No Toxins

Toxins are harmful chemicals or substances that are poisonous.

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30 Days Return

If candle is defective.

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Our Design

Handcrafted with clear details and forms. Inner chunks are carefully arranged to present a uniquely finished soy candle; giving every candle it's own character.

Our Wax

Our candles are soy blends made specifically for Pillar candles. We also added our "in house" wax blend formulated to give our candles the premium finish and quality soy candles that burn more than 80 hours.

Our Oils

Our fragrance oils are free of Parabens, Phthalates and any Toxic chemicals. This is an effort to give you a healthy alternative to other candles that could carry some toxins.

Our Wicks

100% Cotton Core wick with self trimming capabilities. Produces a clean and even burn without emitting soot and smoke. The steady flame melts the candle into liquid wax pool, which gives out refreshing fragrance.

Soy Pillar

Chunk Candles

The design of our candles are structurally the same. However, they are uniquely different in their chunk patterns. The layers and arrangement of the chunks make no one candle the same as the other.

The structural patterns on our candles plus our embedded logo establish a seal of authenticity and stamp of approval.
You have burn other candles. Now it’s time to burn an experience in a candle.

Our Wax

ANC Candles melts are handmade and crafted using our in house soy wax blends and premium fragrance oils. Results? A quality and snappy bar with long lasting fragrance throw.


ANC Candles wax melts could last approximately 3 days per snap bar (There are 4 snap bars in one whole wax melt)

Snappy Meltas

Melt Candles


Car Air Freshener

Limited Edition Car Air Freshener

Introducing our limited edition car air fresheners with patent print arts.

Why choose our limited edition car air fresheners?

  • 3 millimeter (mm) cardstock thickness. making it one of the longest in fragrance duration in car air fresheners.
  •  Made from recycled cotton cardstock material.
  • With a dimension of 4″ x 3″, it does not interfere with your driving view.
  • Carefully selected fragrance oils that are parabens free and phthalates free.
  •  Car air freshener could last up to 21-30 days. Depending on fragrance type.
Piano patent car air freshener
Coffe Machine Packed


Car Air Freshener

Lemon car air freshener image

Pillar & Melts Combo

Our Pillar and Melts combo are ideal for an overall collection for homes, bathrooms, offices and any space. Select any chunk candles with a matching melts.

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All our candles go through numerous testing and our 5 step quality checks. These checks are not optional on any of our candles. We make sure what we are selling to you is what we can confidently burn in our own home.

These quality checks are vital to our candles as your satisfaction is vital to us. Nothing gives us peace of mind than to deliver quality and safe candles.

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