A small batch candle company with premium scented candles.

It all started with a single store bought CANDLE

ANC Candles is a family candle company that started in 2009 simply as a hobby but soon grew into a business. We started in Buffalo NY where we sold in fairs, trade shows, churches, brick and mortar shops and some known retail stores. ANC Candles started when my wife bought two candles from one of the big name stores. One of the candles smelled good, but the other was simply just a pile of wax. Long story short, I melted the candle, got an old jelly jar, poured a few drops of essential oils we had then, and remade the candle. And it was a huge beautiful MESS! I learned how not to make candles after six months of many trials, destroyed kitchen tops, wax filled carpets, damaged kitchen utensils and predicted failures. After spending time in researches and sad looking bank account, I finally found our formula. It was like the entire light bulb came on. And ever since then, we have mastered the act and science I must add, of candle making. Sold our first batch in a local trade show, to co-workers, friends and wedding favors. Like stated above, we got into two local stores and smaller brick and mortar shops. Also got some reorders. In 2012, we took a break in bulk candle making when our second son was born. Two years after that, I went back to school. Still made individual candles for close customers, but never big batches. Fast forward 2 years, after moving to Kansas, we have talked about rebranding and redesigning our company. ANC Candles now has a new logo, graphics and website. We also have improved our quality in soy wax selection. In addition, we have moved into a bigger space and acquired new candle equipment that will help us produce more candles without sacrificing our quality and luxury.

All our candles are hand poured by us. We use biodegradable soy wax which are naturally derived from plants. Our wicks are carefully selected to match the size of our unique jars and wax type to prevent unnecessary “soothing” of our candles. We also have unique and amazing fragrance oils which have been customized to fit our unique “Patent Prints Images”

Furthermore, we have added Patent Prints to our candle collections to reach out to the art lovers and vintage print audience. The prints are printed on the back of the candles and someday could be purchased and downloaded to be framed and hung.

We are so excited to relaunch ANC Candles especially with the rebranding and patent print addition.

As an owner and also a consumer myself, I know there are other candle companies out there. Some of them have big names and large collections. ANC Candles focuses on the overall quality of our candles and not the quantity. All our candles are fully tested and inspected before they leave our place to yours.  This way, you have peace of mind that you are burning a safe candle in your home or office.

The saying goes, “You get what you paid for” This is true when it comes to buying a scented candle. Big name stores have some good smelling candles but how safe are their processes? Are their wax naturally derived like soy is or petroleum?

Not trying to knock companies down, but there are significant differences with machine produced candles and hand poured candles. The level of care and passion poured into hand poured candles can never be matched by machines. Crafters like ANC Candles, will correct any impurities or any candle that is below our standard so that you will always receive your money’s worth.

So as you browse and look around our website, please have these in mind that you are paying for premium quality that was made with care with you the end user in mind.  There are no shortcuts taken. There are no shareholders or higher executives to pay and impress. You are our focus and you deserve the best because ANC Candles is THE DELUXE CHOICE.


If ANC Candles didn't make it, you might have gotten a sub-standard candle. Choose the deluxe choice.

What Drives Us. Passion, Dedication and Fun.

Choosing a reliable candle store or company is very important and we are hoping we are your choice. Our dedication and passion in candle making show in our finish products. Also, we carefully inspect all of our candles after production to make sure you, our beloved customers are satisfied. ANC Candles is a family company located in Topeka Kansas. Our candles are handcrafted with the finest natural soy wax in the industry. With a small batch production, we can maintain the quality and premium feel of our candles. ANC Candles also sell to both individuals and retailers. Please use the contact button to talk to us about retail opportunities.

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